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Draft aims and objectives

Note 1

There is nothing official about this draft. It is but one person's initial thoughts on what a final statement of aims and objectives might look like, offered as a starting-point for discussion.

Note 2

I have deliberately not used the words 'index' and 'indexes', hoping thereby to avoid giving the impression that the A-Z variety is the only product indexers are capable of.


This site has two aims:

  1. to promote good practice in indexing;
  2. to encourage and facilitate the procurement of high-quality, professionally-produced indexing, for all kinds of information sources, published in print or electronic formats.


The site will:

  1. publicise internationally-accepted guidelines on good practice in indexing;
  2. show, on site or by links to other sites, examples of work constructed in accordance with the good practice guidance;
  3. help those commissioning work to develop a specification of requirements, by listing points to be considered, and options available;
  4. assist in identifying indexers capable of meeting a specification, through links to directories of indexers maintained by national societies (including, where available, links to sites maintained by their special interest groups);
  5. provide guidance on how to brief an indexer;
  6. outline the indexing process, including problems which can arise in the course of a project and ways in which those may be resolved;
  7. explain how to assess the quality of completed work;
  8. supplement the information provided on this site by listing, and/or linking to, other high-quality sources of information about indexing.