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IGP maintenance guidelines

Each page should be of the format:

Commonly Agreed Standard:

This should explain what is uncontroversially agreed by all about the topic


Where there are alternatives possible within the CAS (for example word-by-word/letter-by-letter sorting) the recommended alternative.

Alternative: Alternative: Alternative:

Each possible alternative

Standard Variant [standard name]

The alternative recommended by a particular standards body, e.g. ISO999, CMS, NISO


Each section above must be accompanied by your best guess at the logic behind the standard. Rationales should explain why the use of the particular standard makes an index easier/quicker/ more efficient to use.

A horizontal rule separates rules set out by standards bodies from those, at present, unauthorised.


An alternative, not at yet recommended by any standards body


This too must be accompanied by a rationale.

After adding the new page, include it in the Index at the foot of the Home Page under as many headings as required

An example page in this format is alphabetical order